DRiVR provides immediate evidence.

Protect your Fleet with DRiVR connected AI Dash Cam Improve Fleet Safety

Dual and front-facing HD dash cams automatically upload footage of harsh driving incidents and provide on-demand retrieval. Infrared LED even captures nighttime in-cab video.

Automatically Detect Distracted Driving

AI-powered reports review and flag distracted driving incidents, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents.

Identify and Coach At-Risk Drivers

In-cab voice coaching and driver safety scores make it easy to provide personalized feedback and coaching.

Expedite Insurance Payouts

Defend innocent drivers and accelerate the insurance claims process with high definition video evidence.

Streamline Your Business

Simplify compliance and operations with a platform that combines GPS tracking, Hours of Service, paperless DVIRs, temperature monitoring, and more.

Features and benefits of fleet telematics

Fleet portal, APIs, user roles

Access vehicle and fleet data through our web interface and APIs. The portal dashboard is customizable to suit the levels of visibility based on profiles and hierarchy

Driving style reporting, for drivers' safety

Detailed reporting on driving styles and behavior for each trip, highlights any risk areas that need improvement and help lower insurance premiums

Monitor vehicle diagnostic

With fleet telematics, managers gain a real-time view of all vehicle diagnostics. Monitor mileage, fuel consumption, battery levels, DTCs, tire pressure, oil and water

Creation of strategic partnerships

Build valuable partnerships with OEMs, by sharing telematics data to offer better services and provide greater value for customers and drivers

Crash assistance and claim management

Fleet telematics detects when a crash has occurred and provides detailed reconstruction reports to show how it happened and provide emergency assistance to drivers

Telematics platform, telemetry device and operations

We develop the telematics architecture, we design, develop, produce and can install the telemetry boxes for you, or you can set up and complete the fleet installation yourself

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