Usage-based motor insurance
Time for an acceleration in digital motor insurance

DRiVR leveraging its technology platform to transform the car insurance industry.

Usage-based Insurance products (UBI): DRiVR’s

  • Pay as you drive (PAYD)
  • Pay how you drive (PHYD)
  • Mile-based auto insurance
  • Insurance On-Demand programs
  • Pay-Per-Mile programs
  • Low mileage discount programs
  • Pay-As-You drive programs

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Motor insurance in the age of IoT will deliver value for everyone

Consumers want lower premiums and to feel safe on the road, while insurers want to cover risk profitable. Insurance telematics can help you do both providing a better way to price coverage and offer services such as crash assistance and roadside recovery. DRiVR’s insurance telematics services include:

Driving behavior scoring and risk assessment tools

eFNOL (First Notification Of Loss) and crash reconstruction

Proper claim settlement via damage estimates

Smart business process triggering, based on application interaction - automatic claim management pre-loading

Safety services including automatic crash alert and emergency call assistance (crash and breakdown)

Security services, including theft alerting and tracking

Reward program and co-marketing activities with insurance companies

Vehicle remote control and management (such as reports, geofencing and speed alerts)

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