DRiVR automates costly claims processing.

DRiVR’s innovative

AI dash cam app is a claims processing game-changer.

The White/Private Labeled Solution for your Policy Holders!

DRiVR’s while labeled solution provides a virtual alternative to claims processing giving customers a way to quickly submit all required claims information to insurers. DRiVR captures all critical data at the point of incident, reduces cycle time, and results in a more seamless client experience, while reducing time + cost for the insurers.

Additionally, DRiVR’s integrated dash cam uses artificial intelligence and visual recognition to analyze, rate and score drivers while capturing incident/accident data, road condition data and warns of hazardous events in real time.

Insurers/Insurtech + Fintech

Key Benefits / Innovation / Highlights + Value Proposition.

  • White/Private Labeled Solution for Insurers.
  • Brings vision context to insurance.
  • Ride recording + collision reporting + real time alerts.
  • Fight rampant fraud, while building trust and automating costly claims processing.
  • First notice of incident advantage with a complete file in a single link.
  • Comprehensive collision reporting – Images (pre, during and post) + video (pre, during and post) + driving path map + collision location + force impact analysis + speed analysis + collision diagram + weather conditions + time stamps + complete driver information + more.
  • Ride recording with an extra set of eyes on the road.
  • Real-time DRiVR assistance with system alerts and notifications.
  • And much more.

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