Dash Camera

Connected Dash Cam
AI cloud-connected dashcam to
capture your drive and protect
you on the road.

Document Incidents

Document Accidents
Capture and document critical data at
the point of incident and streamline the
claims process for Insurers.

Select Services

Select discounted services such as towing, free* ride share with Uber/Lyft,
discounted car repair centers and rental cars.

Live Assistance

The DRiVR client services team will be with you all the way, to make this unfortunate situation as smooth as possible.

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The smarter and safer way to drive. Safer starts now.
Be alert, informed and protected.

Be Proactive.

AI cloud-connected dashcam to capture your drive & protect you on the road.


DRiVR is an AI cloud-connected dashcam
that captures your drive and protects you
while on the road. Some features Include:
Capture and record visual driving data.
Rates and scores driving performance.

Provides cloud or loop recording. Sends
driver alerts with real time notifications.
Notifies drivers of accidents, hazards and
driving conditions. Offers integrated driving
navigation and mapping. Provide option
of split or single screen mode. Captures
video in front, rear or duel modes.
Offers audio recording.

Be Proactive.

DRiVR with WREK™ Assistance.

DRiVR’s WREK™ collision reporting proves your side of the story with crash recreation, incident documentation and streamlines the claims process in a single file.

Dash Camera

Save & File

Document Damages

Click & Capture

Select Services

Live Assistance

DRiVR Solutions


Fight rampant fraud, while building
trust. DRiVR’s vision context is a
claims processing game-changer.


Ride Share & Fleets

Track & score driver’s performance
in real time. Create efficiencies
improvements and protection.


White Labeled Programs

Powered by DRiVR AI. Your brand,
our software. White & private labeled
programs make it a win for all.


Next Gen UBI Products

DRiVR’s technology captures &
sensitizes driving data & telematics
enabling new products &
solutions for insurance industries.


The WREK™ Accident Documentation Flow.

All in one easy-to-use app.

DRiVR’s WREK™ accident documentation process captures all critical data at the point of incident, reduces cycle time and results in a more seamless client experience, while reducing time and cost for our users and their insurance companies.

Be Connected.

DRiVR collects accident and road data from its AI and from p2p users via its centralized database. The platform warns drivers of road hazards and dangers and reduces accident exposure.

DRiVR Intelligence.

 Accident Assistance.

DRiVR support team connects users
to incident related service partners
in the area. Such as:

Towing Companies
Uber/Lyft/Taxi Rides
Auto Body Repair Shops
Discounted Car Rentals
And more from the network of partners.

 Smart Connected Cities.

DRiVR’s Network of connected cars
captures and localizes the city’s dynamics
as part of its AI dash cam functionality.

The stream of data is processed by
computer-vision algorithms, which
identify and extract real-time insights
on road conditions, traffic patterns,
obstacles and infrastructure.

 At its core… The data collected can be used to provide actionable insights for:
Smart Cities | Insurance Companies | Fleet & Ride Share | Automotive Manufactures

  • City planners and managers, by tracking city traffic flows, road defects, curbside capacity, safety and other hotspots.
  • Insurance organizations benefit from better underwriting and simpler claim processes through video-based telematics scores and ride-playbacks and for next generation insurance UBI products.
  • Fleet and ride share companies benefit from telematics such as; Identifying and coaching at risk drivers, expedite insurance payouts, fuel efficiencies, and streamline their business.
  • Automotive Manufactures benefits (ADAS) include: Over-the-top, on-demand sensor data collection services using vehicle sensors. Extensive datasets of labeled road imagery and unique long-tail incident data to train autonomous systems, and the development of ADAS applications and driving perception algorithms development.
  • Every driver benefits from the aggregated database that sends real time notifications of dangerous road conditions and other hazards ahead.

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The smarter and safer way to drive. Safer starts now.
Be alert, informed and protected.

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