Extend your reach with the DRiVR partner ecosystem.

Service Partners

DRiVR’s WREK™ Accident Assistance Partner Program.
Service Partner Programs provide highly effective sales and marketing opportunities for partners around the nation. This program is built with the clear understanding that productive, long-term relationships are critical to our ongoing success. WREK instantly connects our subscriber network with your business through localization and geo-mapping.
We vet strategic partners in many areas that have a direct correlation in assisting our subscriber base. From P2P ride share companies, auto-towing organizations, auto-body repair shops, rental car companies, auto insurance organizations, legal/law firms, national associations and other service providers – DRiVR WREK™ Accident Assistance connects you.

Insurance Partners

DRiVR’s White/Private labeled and Co-Branded Programs.
Fight rampant fraud, while building trust and automating costly claims processing.
Bringing vision context to insurance, DRiVR’s innovative AI dash cam app is a claims processing game-change.

Comprehensive collision reporting includes:
Accident Images (pre, during and post)
Video of Accident and surrounding area (pre, during and post incident)
Driving path map
Collision location
Force impact analysis
Speed analysis
Collision diagram
Weather conditions
time stamps
Complete driver information
And more.

Get first notice of incident advantage – with a complete file sent in a single link.

Automotive Partners

Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturers. Delivering benefits for everyone.
In today’s connected world, mobility, safety, sustainability and flexibility, are key drivers behind future innovation. Four-wheel and two-wheel manufacturers can take advantage of our connectivity journey and offer high value services to their end user customers.

The connected vehicle: safety, security, vehicle management. At the core of our telematics services lie enhanced safety and security features, including critical services such as crash alert management, theft alert assistance, breakdown call and assistance.

Technology Partners

DRiVR’s powerful API enables you to extend our platform functionality by deploying your own custom applications that leverage DRiVR’s data and network. With DRiVR’s integration points, you can make your application feel native and create a seamless experience for your users.

Why choose DRiVR?
• We are the industry’s leading source of auto accident intelligence
• We deliver the industry’s most accurate data in real time
• Our APIs are easy to integrate and customize
• Our platform allows us to scale with your growth
• We align our pricing and partner model to support your market strategy
• Our experienced, responsive team—combined with detailed documenta- tion—ensure rapid and continued success
• We operate as a true solutions partner—not a data vendor

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